Alan Hossinger

I first came to the practice of yoga in 2009.  While at the time I had accrued a number of physical ailments I was hoping to find relief from, much more than this I was seeking some kind of practical guidance to help me understand a much more neglected relationship, that was the relationship with the mind and emotions. It was at this stage of life I began to reflect – on where it was I was heading, how I had got to where I was, what was the relationship with myself and others during this time.  I discovered that within the hatha yoga tradition, there existed a practice, a means for not only alleviating my physical ailments, but a method for a deeper reflection and awareness. As we learn to move the body intelligently within the framework of the tradition, the various feelings, thoughts & emotions that arise become the platform for a rich internal practice.  As the practice draws the attention inward the unfolding of a deeper mind body connection is revealed.  I have been very fortunate to have studied with a number of amazing teachers during this continuing process both in Australia and India, and take such joy in sharing the practice with others.

Ourania Karydis

Yoga for me is a practice of life. An all encompassing journey to the absolute essence of being. Having invited the practice of yoga into my life at the age of 15. I knew this was something deeply profound and special to me so much so that I am embarked on a journey of devotion to the study and tradition of yoga. I approached the practice firstly for my own personal development and then it got to a pivotal point where I felt the strongest internal guidance to teach and share all that I know and to help assist others through their own practice. I have been teaching full time for 7 years now. With every growing year I commit to further study and practice which sees me both evolve and grow on a personal level as well as a teacher. This is something both Alan I encourage with all the students that come to Ourano Yoga as well.

I am eternally grateful and humble in having the opportunity to do this as my life’s work. My teachings do bring forward more of a foundation in philosophy and spirituality along with the physical postures ultimately leading people into a state of peace within themselves and unity with the world around them.

To me this is a practice about trust, commitment and devotion. It’s about acceptance and it’s about having active faith in the life we’ve been given.