Alan Hossinger

On the last day of a very special trip to India, a group of ashtanga practitioners, my teacher and I were fortunate to be able to visit our Guru’s Guru in Mysore. We were offered chai by his lovely wife. After we enjoyed the cup of chai, he asked me “How was your chai?”  I answered “It was lovely and sweet” Then he said, “Now think… if I was a little boy who had never tasted what sweet is, how would you explain ‘sweet’ to me?”  He was making a direct point about the nature of yoga. We can learn many facts about yoga but they will give us only an external view of it, in order to truly understand yoga we must directly experience it.  In my humble experience, yoga has been a source of light, providing an internal guidance in navigating the many relationships we face. The relationship with the world, the body, the senses, and most importantly the mind.  I first began practicing yoga in 2009 and to this day I maintain a daily ashtanga vinyasa practice, as has been guided by my primary teacher Yumi Kaneko. I am forever a student of this practice, and devoted to sharing this tradition, as I have learned and continue to learn from my teachers, with anyone who is open to learning.

Ourania Karydis

Yoga for me is a practice of life. An all encompassing journey to the absolute essence of being. Having invited the practice of yoga into my life at the age of 15. I knew this was something deeply profound and special to me so much so that I am embarked on a journey of devotion to the study and tradition of yoga. I approached the practice firstly for my own personal development and then it got to a pivotal point where I felt the strongest internal guidance to teach and share all that I know and to help assist others through their own practice. I have been teaching full time for 7 years now. With every growing year I commit to further study and practice which sees me both evolve and grow on a personal level as well as a teacher. This is something both Alan I encourage with all the students that come to Ourano Yoga as well.

I am eternally grateful and humble in having the opportunity to do this as my life’s work. My teachings do bring forward more of a foundation in philosophy and spirituality along with the physical postures ultimately leading people into a state of peace within themselves and unity with the world around them.

To me this is a practice about trust, commitment and devotion. It’s about acceptance and it’s about having active faith in the life we’ve been given.