I’ve never done yoga before and I’m not flexible what classes would you recommend?

Any of the general classes are great for people new to yoga as there are options and modifications given the whole way and you definitely do not need to be flexible to practice yoga. There is so much more to this than flexibility and the great news is that with regular practice that is something your body will naturally develop.

Do I need to book and do I need to bring anything?

We don’t take bookings at this studio so it’s a matter of turning up 10 mins before the class starts to settle in and get comfy. You don’t need to bring anything unless you want to. The studio is fully equipped with mats, pillows, props etc that is all free for you to use. We do however recommend you wear comfy clothes and bring some water in the warmer months.

Do you take EFTPOS?

We sure do! We accept Visa & Mastercard and don’t charge any fees for these transactions.

Can I practice if I’m pregnant?

Practicing Yoga while Pregnant is a very individual process, so it is highly recommended that you first consult with your doctor or health care provider in the first instance.  While the general classes are usually fine during pregnancy, the vinyasa class is not normally recommended – particular if you are new to yoga. It is always very important to notify your teacher at the beginning of the class and then from there it is more about communication. As you progress through your pregnancy you will have to modify certain postures which can be shown to you prior to the class commencing so you can feel comfortable to make the adjustments as you need to.

Do class passes have expiry?

No they don’t and the reason why is that we understand that sometimes you just can’t get to yoga and that’s ok. Take as long as you want to use your 5 and 10 class passes. They are valid for all classes and all times. To find out more about prices visit our timetable.

What is the parking availability?

Good News! We have lots of free street parking right out the front of the studio and we also have ample parking around the back of the studio too!

I have an injury, can I still practice?

It’s very important that you first speak with your doctor and get the okay from them before attempting to practice with an injury.  Please notify the teacher of any injuries old or new, this way the teacher can be aware and adjust and modify postures for you as necessary.

Do you have a a changing room?

We sure do! Located downstairs we have both male and female toilets with an adjoining changing room for each so if your coming from work or going to work we’ve got you sorted!

I’ve been practicing yoga for a while now and looking at taking it deeper, is there a class you offer?

Any of Alan’s classes are best suited for people with an already established practice, with a good understanding of their body and breath. Alan teaches Ashtanga Yoga in the tradition of Sri K Patthabi Jois. For more information contact us at

I’m looking for a more gentle class that includes breathing and meditation, which one on the timetable do you suggest?

Ourania’s classes may be just what you are looking for. Her classes are suitable for beginner to intermediate students with lots of options given and every class includes breathing, meditation and postures. For more information contact us at